Jan Adams volunteer 30 years 2023 (2)

The fundraiser

Volunteer Jan Adams, from the Hibiscus Coast, was recognised this year for 30 years of service. After originally intending to be a patient visitor she soon realised that her true talents lay in raising vital funds for hospice.

Jacky Ruck Jun23 blog (1)

The importance of a warm welcome 

Jacky Ruck has volunteered for Harbour Hospice for 20 years, often as a voice for Māori patients and their whānau.

Margaret McLean 2 (July23 blog)

‘Why I love Wednesdays’ 

Ask Margaret McLean what her favourite day of the week is and she’ll tell you Wednesday, because that’s the day she volunteers at Harbour Hospice. 

Maggie Cornish 1 (Jun23 blog)

The story teller

In her 15 years as a volunteer life story writer Maggie Cornish has written many stories but the one she will never forget was the one she never got to finish.

Barbara Maitland 3 (June 23 blog)

Helping patients relax, one foot at a time

After 25 years Barbara Maitland has massaged a lot of feet at Harbour Hospice – and she loves it!

Wilf Marley (blog Jun23)

The arbitrator: How one man united two groups to form Harbour Hospice as we know it today

Wilf Marley is a founding member of Harbour Hospice’s first trust, and 35 years on still sits on its board of trustees as our longest-serving volunteer.

Doreen Bunker 25 years Orewa shop Jun23 blog (1)

Still lovin’ it 

Doreen Bunker was one of the first volunteers to work in the Orewa Hospice Shop after it opened in 1997 – and 25 years on she still loves it as much as the day she started.

NAW blog 2023

125 volunteers honoured as Harbour Hospice celebrates 40 years of caring

This month 125 volunteers will be honoured for their commitment to Harbour Hospice.

Carolyn McCondach speaking June23 blog

The woman you couldn’t say no to  

Carolyn McCondach was the driving force behind Harbour Hospice’s early fundraising efforts.

Julian Court blog Jun23

Our first volunteer coordinator: ‘I felt I had a purpose’

Julian Court was Harbour Hospice’s first Volunteer Coordinator, and also the first person to have a paid role at Hospice.