Most people who come to us with a life-limiting illness want to stay in the comfort, and familiar surroundings, of their own home. As their disease or illness progresses this may result in you taking on the role of a carer.

While many will do this without hesitation, being a carer can be emotionally and physically hard work. It’s likely that you’ll also have family responsibilities at home or a paid job you need to stay on top of, so looking after yourself is incredibly important, as well as asking for, and accepting, help and support.

Harbour Hospice is here for you every step of the way

Alongside our team of specialist palliative care professionals, we’ve developed this comprehensive carers resource to provide you with practical tips and tools to help support you and your loved one throughout this difficult time.

We’ll also work with your GP and other health professionals to give you information and advice on symptom management and emotional wellbeing along with helping you make decisions about their care.

We hope you’ll find the below useful, however remember that your Hospice care team is always on hand if you need extra support and guidance.

Special thanks to the Ralph and Eve Seelye Charitable Trust for their support in the creation of this valuable resource.