Scott & Julie March24 Newsletter blog (1)

A place to recharge

Many people think of hospice as a building where you go to die, yet 74% of stays at Harbour Hospice are for symptom management or respite care. Read Scott and Julie's story.

Karoline Marshall Mar24 newsletter blog (1)

The importance of supporting carers

A carer’s role is, to some degree, unseen work, and at Harbour Hospice we are keenly aware of the responsibility carers hold.

keenan family 2 (1)

Proud of what Michael did 

Michael Keenan was deeply passionate about hospice, and one of hospice's most engaged and committed volunteers. When he died in 2014, he gifted his estate to Harbour Hospice.

Jan Adams volunteer 30 years 2023 (2)

The fundraiser

Volunteer Jan Adams, from the Hibiscus Coast, was recognised this year for 30 years of service. After originally intending to be a patient visitor she soon realised that her true talents lay in raising vital funds for hospice.

Tricia Clarkson, a former nurse with Harbour Hospice (1)

Secrets of the dying: Hospice nurses reveal patients’ last words, wishes

First published in the Herald On Sunday, these are some of the most memorable patients of past and present nurses from Harbour Hospice.

Jacky Ruck Jun23 blog (1)

The importance of a warm welcome 

Jacky Ruck has volunteered for Harbour Hospice for 20 years, often as a voice for Māori patients and their whānau.

Wilf Marley (blog Jun23)

The arbitrator: How one man united two groups to form Harbour Hospice as we know it today

Wilf Marley is a founding member of Harbour Hospice’s first trust, and 35 years on still sits on its board of trustees as our longest-serving volunteer.

Luke and Annie Feb23 Newsletter

Volunteers ease life for patients through new programme

In recent months, thanks to community support, a new volunteer programme was launched that enables hospice to reach even more patients and families.


Original hospice fundraiser still giving back

When a friend highlighted the need for a hospice in the community nearly 40 years ago, Liz Douglas Brown became one of the original fundraising committee members to drive that campaign.

Val Aston volunteer newsletter Feb23 (1)

Birds of a feather

Val and her team of fellow volunteers cater for funerals and social occasions in Warkworth/Wellsford, and what sets them apart from other caterers is that they do it all for love.