Our Board of Trustees is made up of members of the community which the charity serves. The role of the Trustees is to provide strategic direction for the hospice and to ensure the local community is represented in its aim to meets its objectives while maintaining our core philosophy and values.


Nicolette Bodewes

BA/LLB (Hons), is the chair of the Harbour Hospice Trust and former Chair of the North Shore Hospice Trust. Nicolette is a Director of Schnauer & Co, Barristers and Solicitors on the North Shore.


Bill Grieve

Past Chair of the Hibiscus Hospice Trust. Bill has a professional background in engineering and project management and has worked across a wide range of industries including food, oil and gas and the electricity sector. Since retiring in 2005, Bill has focussed his energies on charitable businesses establishing a disability support centre on the North Shore and volunteering with Hospice. He brings many years of governance and project management experience to the Board.


Stephanie Paxton-Penman

LLB (Hons), is a past member of North Shore Hospice Trust Board and is Chair of the Warkworth Wellsford Advisory Board. Stephanie lives in the Warkworth area and is a Managing Partner of Paxton Penman et al, Barristers and Solicitors.


James Grigor

Chartered Financial Analyst, is a past member of North Shore Hospice Trust Board and is a Senior Portfolio Manager with NZ Funds.


Wilf Marley

QSM, Chartered Accountant, FCIS, an original founding and current member of North Shore Hospice Trust Board. He has also been a board member of Hospice New Zealand serving 9 years as Chairman. Wilf is a consultant with Marley Loft, an accounting taxation and business development service.


Carmel Conaghan

Registered Comprehensive Nurse, is a past member of Hibiscus Hospice Board and the North Shore Hospice Trust Board. She is Chief Executive Officer for RDNS Ltd, a provider of home and community support service.


Ken Noble

Is a past member of North Shore Hospice Board and is the Executive Chairperson of Allied Medical, a company he established on the North Shore over 20 years ago. He is also a mentor for 9 businesses.


Paul Baldwin

M.B.A. is Deputy Chair of the Harbour Hospice Trust and past member of Hibiscus Hospice Board. Paul is a Director of NZX Wealth Technologies and Chairperson of Smartshares Ltd Board. Previously Paul headed investment platform and wealth businesses for twenty years and prior to that held corporate trustee and chartered accounting roles.


Gillian Cossey

M.B.A, is a past member of the Hibiscus Hospice Board. Gill is currently providing management consulting services to the WDHB and is the past General Manager of Surgical and Ambulatory Care for Counties Manukau Health.


Des Adams

FPS, is a past member of Hibiscus Hospice Board, Founder and Director of uLearnnCare Ltd and past Director of Pharmacy Consultants Ltd, Care Chemist Ltd. Orewa Care Chemist Ltd.


Kerry Francis

Is a past member of North Shore Hospice Trust Board and is Chair of the North Harbour Budgeting Services, Director of Longburn Farm Management Ltd and past EGM Institutional Banking and Markets for the ASB.


Ann Todd

Chartered Accountant, was an advisory member of North Shore Hospice Trust Finance Committee. She is a Partner in KPMG and the Financial Director of the International Netball Association.