Care in the inpatient unit

Caring for you in the inpatient unit

Harbour Hospice has two short stay inpatient facilities - a 6 bed inpatient unit at Red Beach, Whangaparoa and a 9 bed inpatient unit at Shea Terrace, Takapuna. We also offer day respite care at Tui House, Warkworth.

Admissions to the inpatient unit are based on the urgency and complexity of your needs. No matter where you live - Hibiscus Coast, North Shore or Warkworth/Wellsford – you may be admitted to whatever Hospice service suits you and your families needs’ best.

Patients are referred to inpatient units at either Hibiscus Coast or North Shore through a healthcare professional, such as a GP or a medical specialist.

You may be admitted to our inpatient unit for several reasons, including:

  • For the management of pain or troublesome symptoms which can be for approximately 7-10 days. This is not a fixed length of time.
  • For care in the final stages of your life if care at home is no longer possible or desired.
  • For short-term respite care, to give your family, whānau or carer a break at home for 7 days. This is arranged with your care team.

Day respite care at Tui House, Warkworth is designed to give your family or carer at home a break. This is arranged on a case by case basis with your care team.

Preparing to stay

Visiting the inpatient unit

I wasn’t sure what an inpatient stay meant. At first I thought –am I going to come out? But it was the best thing that ever happened. I could relax and chill out, right away from the external world. I just thought I was totally blessed with care.

— Lorraine, patient