22 June, 2020


Dear Harbour Hospice Volunteers

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to send thanks to you during this national week of celebration for volunteers.

This year we have realised, more than ever, the importance and value of the contribution that you and your fellow Harbour Hospice volunteers make. Thank you for bearing with us as we worked collectively throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and various levels to eliminate this virus. It has been such a challenging time for us all, personally and professionally.

Your gift of time, expertise and support throughout the year has allowed us to care for hundreds of people in our local communities. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

During National Volunteer Week we usually meet in person to celebrate the long service (5 years and more) of a large number of our volunteers. That is not possible this year, but our gratitude and congratulations are extended to you all.

Best Wishes
Jan Nichols
Harbour Hospice CEO


We're full of gratitude for our 1,400 Harbour Hospice volunteers every week of the year, but this week we're making noise about it!

Thank you for the time, wisdom and skill you bring to your roles, and the difference you make to patients and families in our care.