09 April, 2020

It’s rare to find a Warkworth local who hasn’t met, or at least heard of, Shona Pickup (pictured). She is not the only local to be involved in multiple community causes, but she is undoubtedly the brightest.

With a personality as sunny as the clothes she wears, Shona’s ability to enrol people as volunteers and sponsors makes her indispensable to Hospice’s fundraising efforts in the Warkworth Wellsford community.

Shona and Christina for blog

In the last 10 years she has helped build and innovate events such as Catwalk Arts, mARTakana and the Homes Tour, as well as supporting one-off and smaller fundraisers. However, Shona’s true Hospice passion is for our patients.

One day a week she travels to Hibiscus House, bringing a ray of sunshine into the Inpatient Unit and brightening patients’ rooms and lives. Along with cups of tea and other small luxuries, Shona provides good company, conversation and compassion. Previously a resident of Howick, Shona volunteered in the IPU at Totara Hospice. After moving to Warkworth, she was delighted to return to this calling in 2018.

We are blessed to have amazing IPU volunteers like Shona to provide valuable support to our nurses, and give patients the comfort of belonging to a community that cares.