24 February, 2020

Demand for palliative care across the Harbour Hospice region is expected to grow by 50% in the next 15 years, and 90% in the next 40 years, meaning we will need to support at least another 300 more patients and their families by 2034.

We are already feeling the impact of this unprecedented population growth and aging in our community, with our premises at Shea Terrace in Takapuna lacking the room and accessibility we need to meet the growing need for palliative care services. Additionally, our North Shore Inpatient Unit has weather tightness issues and needs to be reclad within three years if we are to continue providing this vital community service.

After thorough consultation and careful consideration, the Harbour Hospice Board has decided to redesign and upgrade the existing buildings and reclad the Inpatient Unit, rather than build a completely new facility.

By repurposing a range of existing spaces, we can accommodate all the services that would have been provided in a new building, while saving significant costs. This project will be funded through a capital campaign and a multi million dollar contribution from our Development Foundation.

We have already received some major gifts from extremely generous donors and expect to have an updated cost estimate and developed design plans in the second quarter of this year.

If you would like to know more about this project, please email kate.thompson@harbourhospice.org.nz or call Kate on 021 581 090.