15 April, 2021

Some of our day programme patients recently attended Race 4 Life 2021 - a fantastic annual event run by Race 4 Life Trust that gives hospice patients the chance to ride in extraordinary vehicles and tick off a few must-dos on their bucket lists.

The day (which had to be cancelled last year due to Covid-19) was held at Hampton Downs and attracted hospice patients and their carers from all over Auckland and beyond. Our group went by bus and enjoyed an action-packed day of thrills and, thankfully, no spills.

The fun included helicopter rides, trips down country lanes in classic cars, spins in supercars and circuits in big rigs. You even got to cruise down the highway on the back of a Harley Davidson.

For 75-year-old Bonnie, who has Huntington’s disease, a spin in a combi van took her back to a carefree time in her youth when she and her husband Dennis travelled round Europe in a combi van.

At 92, Dorothy, who has cancer and a heart condition, wasn't going to let anything get in the way of her taking a ride on a Harley Davidson.

As organiser Vivienne James from Race For Life Trust put it, "You teach us every day to really live every moment."

How awesome are our patients and the amazing community of people who care for them.

Race4Life 2021 Dorothy Nash blog

Thank you to Evelyn Wright for the photo.