23 December, 2020

Long-serving volunteer and all-round great guy John Wilson passed away in September. We remember him with fondness for all he did for Harbour Hospice, including his final gift of a bequest that will help ensure our service is there for future generations.

John devoted almost 15 years to Hospice on the North Shore, inspired to give back after our team cared for his beloved wife Ngaire and wrapped support around the whole family.

John was well known in the Milford community as someone who would 'give you the shirt off his back'. Having worked as a press photographer for the Herald, he had a vast array of contacts and could always put you in touch with the right person. He was a talented DIYer and if someone needed a tool, he had a garage full to loan - he loved to help where he could.

John Wilson volunteer

He devoted 40 hours a month to Hospice, helping with collections and deliveries to shops, assisting with maintenance and a spot of gardening. As a qualified technician with 20 years at the Auckland Power Board, he also certified electrical checks on donated appliances and roped in some of his old mates to join him.

John claimed volunteering gave him purpose and helped him cope with his loss. He loved chatting with people, looked forward to to spending time with the team at Hospice and was once presented with a certificate of appreciation for "Brightening everyone’s days with playful endeavours"!

After a life well lived and almost 15 years volunteering, John passed away in his 90th year. True to his generous self, he did one last amazing deed, and left a gift in his Will to Harbour Hospice.

We are incredibly grateful to this lovely man, whose legacy will live on to ensure future generations can rely on Hospice services.


You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will, as every dollar has the power to make a real difference. When combined with those of other supporters, your gift will always have a powerful impact, no matter the size. If you would like to chat about leaving a gift in your Will, please call Milly Whitefoot 021 783 437.