25 June, 2020

How lucky Hospice is that Carol Bell decided to volunteer with us 20 years ago. From working in our shops to baking the cake for the opening of Hibiscus Hospice, Carol is always looking for creative new ways that she can help Hospice make a little more money from donations.

For the past 15 years, Carol has taken regular visits to her local Hospice shop to collect the artificial flowers and ribbons which have been sorted and put aside for her. She takes these home and makes them into beautiful bouquets before returning them to the shop for sale – and they sell like hotcakes!

carol bell blog

Additionally, Carol makes Christmas wreaths from donations, provides a Christmas cake to be raffled at the shop and last year made Christmas angels out of donated ribbons. Her next project is making clothes from socks to dress our donated Barbie dolls. Talk about turning trash into treasures! Carol loves the opportunity to use her artistic flair and we’re so grateful that she chooses to do this for Hospice. Thank you Carol.