11 December, 2020

Harbour Hospice volunteer Mychelle Mihailof was the first person to add a heartfelt message to the Silverdale Farmers’ 2020 Tree of Remembrance, in honour of her mother and brother.

This month staff at Farmers stores throughout the North Shore and Silverdale are inviting customers to make a donation to Harbour Hospice and write their own message for the tree.

Vincent and Mychelle blog

Pictured: Mychelle Mihailof with Hospice spiritual carer Vincent Maire at Farmers in Silverdale.

As a member of our life review team, Mychelle spends many hours sitting with a patient as they talk about their memories, which she records and transcribes into a unique ‘life story’ booklet. The process can take weeks or months and gives patients an opportunity to reflect on, and appreciate or come to terms with, events that have shaped their lives.

“It’s been such a joy to listen to these interesting people and use their words to create a real treasure for them and their families,” Mychelle says.

Mychelle joined our life review team because her mother and brother were both helped by the process. Along with visits from hospice’s spiritual carer and social worker, she says the process created a “platform for discussion and acceptance”.

As well as promoting and supporting Hospice services with their instore Trees of Remembrance, Farmers sell a unique ‘Hospice bauble’ for $10 every December and donate 100% to their local Hospice.

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