Doctor by day, fiction writer by night 

3 November 2023

We don’t know how she found the time but somehow, in between her work for hospice as a doctor and medical team leader and her home life as a busy mum of two, Dr Eugenia Romboli has written a book. 

It's a fiction book, no less – proving there is plenty of creativity in a mind that errs toward science and medicine.

Eugenia says she has always loved writing and, over the years, had many short stories published. Written in Spanish and set in a Spanish city, Vida después antes de la muerte is based on the life of a palliative care doctor. Woven through it are stories of her patients. 

Eugenia, who emigrated to New Zealand to work for Harbour Hospice in 2016, based much of the book on personal experience. It explores themes of death and dying, the immigrant experience and how difficult it is to get the work/home balance right when you’re a working mum.

She started the book in August 2022 and finished it in April this year. Then she began searching for a publisher. The book was picked up by Caligrama Ed and is available online and in paperback. 

Eugenia says she’s received some fantastic feedback but the best was when a reader told her they have a new understanding of palliative care, and how important the work of hospice is.

Congratulations Eugenia!

Eugenia's book is based on her personal experiences as a hospice doctor