18 February, 2021

Our ‘family’ of close to 1,400 volunteers are special folk and we appreciate just how wonderful each one of them is. Every year when we honour those who have reached significant service milestones, we’re humbled by the skill, passion and loyalty they bring to their roles. In 2020 we presented long-service certificates to more than 170 volunteers. Here we feature a volunteer story from this incredible collective.

Patients who attend day programmes at North Shore and Hibiscus House enjoy a live concert of popular songs at every session because a friend of Bob’s disliked classical music.

“I would visit Kirsten when she was dying and she told me, ‘When you retire, you get your backside along to Hospice and play some decent music’.”

Bob’s daughter-in-law Sarah works for Harbour Hospice and reminded him of his promise when he retired 10 years ago.

After facing his own cancer scare last year, Bob is more committed than ever to spreading joy where he can.

“I always walk out of Hospice a very humble guy,” he says. “Whatever you think your problems are, that puts them in perspective.”

Bob has been playing piano ‘by ear’ since he was four. He later earned enough as a wedding musician to pay for tuition and can now fill almost any musical request.

“We’ve all got a purpose for being here and as long as you’re on the right side of the green grass, you’re okay.”

Bob Wainhouse web