Volunteer stories

Ngā kōrero ma ngā kaihapai

Val Aston

The seed for working with patients was sown in 1994 when hospice cared for Val’s husband, Norman, who was terminally ill at the age of 54. Ten months after Norman died, Val broke her back falling from a ladder.

She was forced to leave her job. Val has led the catering team at Warkworth Wellsford Hospice for 10 years and been a family support volunteer for 22. Volunteering gave Val new purpose and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the “beautiful souls” she meets.

Every patient has taught me something that’s been really important in my life. They’re meant to come into your life. I will be a Hospice volunteer for as I long as I can.

— Val Aston, Volunteer for 25 years


Bruce has always had a love of cars and particularly enjoys ensuring they’re sparkling clean and looking good.

In his professional life prior to retirement he also managed a fleet of several hundred cars as part of his job, so when he saw Hospice advertising for someone to help keep our Hospice cars sparkling clean for our Community and Family Support teams, he was quick to volunteer!

Bruce has roped in a friend and together Bruce and George take care of our fleet of cars at Hibiscus Hospice, turning up to wash and vacuum the cars on a regular basis.

Community organisations can’t exist without volunteers and this was just a practical and enjoyable way in which I could help out.