Palliative Care Zoom Lecture Series

Hospice NZ Palliative Care Zoom Lecture Series

These palliative care lectures are now being delivered via ZOOM due to COVID-19. Attendance is free.

The lectures are held from 7:30am – 8:30am on the first Thursday of every month, from February to December. The Palliative Care Lecture Series is proudly supported by Cancer Research Trust.

Please register to get the ZOOM meeting code and password. 


2021 Lecture series dates

  • Lecture 3 - Thursday 1st April
    Skin problems in Palliative Care
    Dr Frank Brennan
    Palliative care physician, Sydney, Australia

  • Lecture 4 - Thursday 6th May
    Nutrition and Hydration in Palliative Care: Food for Thought
    Jean Clarke
    Palliative care clinical nurse specialist, Palmerston North Hospital

  • Lecture 5 - Thursday 3rd June
    Frailty and Older People: Opportunities and Challenges for Specialist Palliative Care
    Professor Caroline Nicholson
    Professor of palliative care and Aging, University of Surrey

  • Lecture 6 - Thursday 1st July
    Mauri Mate: Framework in Practice
    Vanessa Eldridge
    Day hospice manager and Maori liaison, Mary Potter Hospice, Wellington

  • Lecture 7 - Thursday 5th August
    Voluntary Assisted Dying in Victoria/Australia
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University, Melbourne
    Dr Leeroy William

  • Lecture 8 - Thursday 2nd September
    Dr Shirley Bush
    Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa

  • Lecture 9 - Thursday 7th October
    Prognosis in Palliative Care
    Professor Paddy Stone
    Marie Curie chair in palliative and end of life care, University College London

  • Lecture 10 - Thursday 4th November
    Palliative Care in Aged Residential Care – an Age Old Challenge or an Old Age Challenge
    Bridget Marshall
    Clinical nurse specialist, Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North

  • Lecture 11 - Thursday 2nd December
    Dying in the Margins: How Experiences of Poverty and Deprivation Influence Experiences at the End of Life
    Dr Naomi Richards
    Director of the Glasgow End of Life Studies group, University of Glasgow


These modules have given me insight into many aspects of palliative care that can be transferred into various area’s in my career as a NZ health professional

— Tammy Ockerse