We are embarking on a significant project to redevelop our Hospice home in the heart of the North Shore


Harbour Hospice provides free specialist palliative care to more than 360 people each day, through our Inpatient Unit, Community Palliative Care Team and support groups. Demand for palliative care across our region is expected to increase by 50% in the next 14 years, and 90% in the next 40 years. Our facilities must grow to enable us to meet this demand and deliver our unique community model of care.


But we cannot wait. We must act now.


Our current building at 7 Shea Terrace, Takapuna will not meet future demands. In addition, our Inpatient Unit needs to be reclad within two years if we are to continue to provide this vital community service and this has hastened the urgency to develop our Hospice facility.


After seeking advice from health service planning consultants, respected local business people, our own staff and volunteers and, most importantly, patients and their families, redeveloping our current site is the only way forward.


Your redeveloped local hospice will be a stunning, serene space where patients, caregivers and families will benefit from world-class services and the very best specialist support that Hospice is renowned for.

Our progress



  • Resource consent granted
  • Detailed design finalised
  • Rucon appointed to lead construction
  • Building consent lodged
OCT 2020
  • Construction planning begins
EARLY 2021
  • Stage 1 construction begins
LATE 2021
  • Stage 2 construction begins
  • Stage 3 construction begins

EARLY 2023

  • Project completed
  • Site blessing and grand opening

Our urgent need


In order to continue to provide this vital community service we must reclad our Inpatient Unit within the next two years or put our ability to care for those who need us most at risk.

Additionally, increased demand for palliative care across the Harbour Hospice region means that, by as early as 2034, we will need to support at least another 300 North Shore patients and their families each year.

We’re already feeling the impact of this unprecedented population growth and aging in our community, and we need to act now.

Doing nothing is not an option.

How is it funded?


The project is funded through a significant contribution from our Development Foundation and a capital fundraising campaign.

We’ve been humbled by early support from key supporters and trusts. However, we need community backing to raise the additional funds required to achieve our vision. Your support is crucial for the success of this urgent development.


Got other questions? Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions, which will be updated as we progress through the project.

I thought hospice was a place you go to die, but in 24 hours I was a different person. Hospice helped me get back on my feet.

Patricia Weiss, Harbour Hospice patient