Your future hospice

Kohi pūtea

Your Future Hospice

Demand for palliative care on the North Shore is set to increase by 50% in 15 years. Our facilities must grow to enable us to meet this demand and deliver our unique community model of care. But we cannot wait. We must act now. Thanks to the tireless support of our generous donors, we will open a world class facility set to change the face of hospice care on the North Shore.

Our population is growing
For 36 years hospice has provided specialist palliative care for North Shore residents and their families. Currently we provide care and support to more than 750 local families per year. As a result of rapid population growth and people living longer with more complex conditions, the demand for our services is set to increase by 50% by 2034.
We must act now

Our current building will not meet future demands. After seeking advice from health service planning consultants, respected local business people, our own staff and volunteers and, most importantly, patients and their families, rebuilding on our current site is the only way forward. Doing nothing is not an option.

Building a world class hospice

Your new local hospice will be a stunning, serene space where local patients, caregivers and family will benefit from world class services and support. Designed by New Zealand architectural firm, Klein (specialists in healthcare design), the building will have flexible, multi-use spaces for patients, employees and community groups. 




We are currently in the first stage of major donor outreach. Please return to this page for further updates.

If you are interested in being involved at this early stage, or would like more information, please email our Campaign Coordinator at


Thanks to an incredibly supportive community we have built up a capital fund over the last ten years, but we need to raise additional funds to achieve our vision.

This will be achieved through a proven model specific to capital campaigns, involving personal donor outreach and community support.


Why do you need a new building?

When is the new site expected to open?

How will North Shore locals access services when building is underway?

Can I make a bequest for this project?

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