Nautical Nick's Nippily Dip

Sun 19 May 2019

Waiake Beach, Torbay, 12pm - 2pm

Nautical Nick’s Nippily Dip is in honour of a very fine and wacky individual...the one and only Nick Taylor (also known by a variety of other names!).

The hospice team were like family for the Taylors while Nick was in their care; so the extended Taylor Family created this event to help Harbour Hospice on the North Shore in any way they can. 

Here's what you need to do:

1.       Create your personal Nippily Dip fundraising page

2.       Invite your family and friends, to take a dip or donate

3.       Get the wackiest dress-up costume together that you know would make Nick proud - a $5-$10 spend at your local Hospice Shop is encouraged!

4.       Acclimatise yourself with some cold showers so you don't have heart failure when you take the plunge

5.       Practice your sprint to the sea to guarantee the first in

The event will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Hot chips and discounted hot drinks will be provided and there will be prizes for the first in and the best dressed!

For more information please go to the official Nautical Nick's Nippily Dip webpage or contact Harbour Hospice events on 09 486 1688.


Sunday 19 May: 12pm - 2pm