Our future is in your hands

Crisis device

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unimaginable impact on so many in our community, including Harbour Hospice patients, supporters, volunteers and staff.

This is an unprecedented crisis for our service as we face a catastrophic loss of fundraising streams.

We have been forced to cancel or postpone crucial fundraising events and have closed our 17 Harbour Hospice Shops that raise millions of dollars each year to help keep our service running.

Our Hospice Shops raise almost a third of our operating funds and the loss of this income puts our services in grave danger. 

We need your generosity now more than ever so we can continue to support the hundreds of vulnerable patients we care for every week, both in our Inpatient Units and at home in the community.

Our patients already face diminished support as we have taken the necessary steps of cancelling all patient and carer groups and restricting visiting hours and visitor numbers in our Inpatient Units. We intend these measures to be temporary, but a prolonged funding shortage will put the future of the entire Hospice service on the line.

We urgently need your support to help us keep the doors open. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

Please help us keep Hospice services up and running by donating whatever you can afford.