Giving through your pay

Choosing to donate to Harbour Hospice through your pay allows you to directly and regularly support patients and families receiving care within your local community.

How does it work?
Each pay day your nominated donation amount is deducted from your pay then forwarded directly to your local Harbour Hospice. In that same pay you will receive your 33.33% tax credit. e.g., If you choose to donate $30 to Harbour Hospice; $30 is automatically paid into our account and your pay is reduced by $20.

Some organisations match donations of their employees up to a certain level, further increasing the support you give. If they don’t, why not ask!

It’s efficient, easy to set up and with Payroll Giving there is no need to complete a tax credit claim form (IR526) at the end of the financial year as your rebates are in real time.

Get started by talking to your employee about payroll giving
If already available at your workplace, follow these simple steps:

1)    Give your employer our details:

Legal Name: Harbour Hospice Trust

Operating Name: Harbour Hospice

Postal Address: PO Box 331129, Takapuna, 0740

Charities Services #: CC22413 (sometimes called donee number)

Bank: ASB 


Select one community to support and provide one bank account, choose from:

Hibiscus Coast:12-3084-0143511-00

North Shore: 12-3026-0781961-00

Warkworth/Wellsford: 12-3026-0781961-54

Reference: ‘Your name’ / Payroll Giving

2) Tell your employer how much you would like to donate and how often (e.g. each pay)

3) Let us know, so we can look out for your donations and say thank you for your generosity! 

Hibiscus Coast (09) 421 9180

North Shore (09) 486 1688

Warkworth/Wellsford (09) 425 9535


For employees

If Payroll Giving is not set up at your workplace, it’s straightforward to implement.

Payroll giving enables your employees to donate directly to Harbour Hospice through their pay and receive an immediate 33% tax rebate.

As an employer, you can be eligible to offer Payroll giving to your staff if you lodge your monthly schedule and deduction form electronically with IRD. For more details click here.

Harbour Hospice is an approved donee organisation with IRD. Our details are:

Legal Name: Harbour Hospice Trust

Operating Name: Harbour Hospice

Postal Address: PO Box 331129, Takapuna, 0740

Charities Services #: CC22413 (sometimes called donee number)

Bank: ASB

Bank Account - Your employee will select one community to support, and provide one bank account from this list:

Hibiscus Coast: 12-3084-0143511-00

North Shore: 12-3026-0781961-00

Warkworth/Wellsford: 12-3026-0781961-54

Reference:‘Your name’ / Payroll Giving


You must pass on the donated funds from your employees in a timely fashion – usually within a maximum of two months. For details click here 

At the completion of the tax year Harbour Hospice will provide you with an acknowledgement letter detailing the donations made from your employees through the tax year.

To get the most out of your Payroll Giving, let us know that you have signed up by emailing your organisation’s contact details to one of our community sites:

Hibiscus Coast
North Shore

For more information, or to speak with someone about payroll giving, please call Sandy McGregor on 021 808 090 or email